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CLIENTS-smTimely results from a network of consultant relationships.

Every executive has tried to describe the key ingredients of success in a job description and arrived at the frustrating conclusion that a piece of paper cannot contain enough detail and context. Successful talent selection starts with someone who grasps the detail of your needs from their own experience and then matches them through personal relationships with consultants. Spotlight’s concierge team members each have over a decade of consulting experience to understand requirements for IT roles that drive growth and fix problems.

Spotlight delivers timely talent from its network of relationships. This network is nurtured by making highly accurate introductions between consultants and clients, and the great engagements that follow.

Because Spotlight is transparent in negotiating the terms of an engagement, doing business is simple. Every week, Spotlight’s concierge team makes a select group of clients and consultants happy through focus and taking care to know the ingredients of success.

Here’s what Spotlight’s clients have to say:

“Call it the purple squirrel with green stripes and orange polka dots, or the golden needle in the haystack, Spotlight has been able to find me the right resource at the right time. Their recruiting depth is unbelievable.”

–James Gaulke, CIO, PDC Energy

“Jeff and Chris are pretty straight forward professionals; there is no mystery about how they make money. We know what we are spending and what it is being spent on. When we ask them questions – we get answers we not only believe – but rely on!”

–David Churchill, CEO, PartMiner

“Spotlight had a knack of checking in with me at exactly the right time and in precisely the right mode. The resources Spotlight brought to bear on my most complex, critical project were phenomenal.”

–Terry Anderson, CIO